Business Model

Business Model

Shooting Box is utilized in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the client, and our products suit the needs of users in terms of user reaction and sales.

Diverse Applications of Shooting Box

Equipment Sales

It is sold for retail use, profit by public institutions, free experience, school education, shooting practice, and so on.

Profit Distribution (Consignment Operation)

For stores in which direct installation is not appropriate, such as resorts, shopping malls, and theme parks, we offer facilities for consignment operation where the profits are distributed or lease commissions are paid out.

Equipment Rental

Shooting Box has been used in over 100 events and visited by 300 to 800 people each day. Equipment is available for rental on a day-to-day basis for events, festivals, exhibitions, sports events, and retreats.

Various people, including families, couples, women, children, students, the elderly, military, police, persons with disabilities, and shooting athletes, have experienced our shooting simulators, and shooting athletes and experts have recognized the simulators' precision, which is an essential requirement for shooting sports. It offers the same benefits as actual shooting, such as mental concentration and stress relief.


Our shooting simulators are enjoyed by men and women of all ages, the military and police, persons with disabilities, and foreigners, as a shooting sport that employs a laser to reduce the danger of live ammunition shooting. It has high business feasibility with excellent profit generation and cheap maintenance.


Our shooting simulators have excellent stability due to their marketing characteristics, which enable marketing events such as simulated shooting contests and events, as well as group visits to workplaces, academies, and taekwondo schools, in addition to educational and psychological effects such as cultivating concentration and relieving stress.


As a shooting platform where many people may safely enjoy shooting content, our shooting simulators' marketability has been proven by long-term sales and events, and continuous growth is conceivable through the addition of content and the use of ICT.